April 22, 2021
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UAE Module CWSA Gold 2021

April 20, 2021
Wake Dubai has organised UAE Module CWSA Gold Level Event of the 2021 WRS Online Event Series #3 on April 10-11, 2021 in Umm Al Quwain.  Continue reading →
Rent yacht for Friday trip in Dubai with Luxury Sea Boats Charter LLC

February 26, 2021
Dubai, sprawling in the middle of the desert, always amazes the imagination. Some 100 years ago, it was a tiny port town covering only a few square kilometers. Now it is a huge luxury resort and vibrant metropolis, which skyline is formed by many fantastic skyscrapers.  Continue reading →
A Family Picnic on the Yacht

January 25, 2021
What could be better than a pleasant weekend with your family? Perhaps it could be a real picnic right on board the yacht during a joint walk along the picturesque canals of Dubai. Everyone without exception will get a wonderful mood from this little trip.  Continue reading →
Winter fishing in dubai

December 27, 2020
The middle of winter in the United Arab Emirates is the best time not only for inveterate anglers. Exciting experiences and the opportunity to feel like a real sea hunter become available to any lover of the exotic. We can surely state that from late autumn to mid-spring, sea fishing is confidently the most popular entertainment in Dubai.  Continue reading →

December 5, 2020
Traditionally, preparations for the secular New Year in Dubai begin long before December 31 st . The city is ubiquitously filled with the Christmas spirit and pre-holiday bustle just with the arrival of the first days of winter. So the company "Luxury Sea Boats Charter" prepared several new exciting cruise routes for their yachts on the eve of the coming 2021. Now our guests will be able not only to relax and have a good time, but also to fully enjoy the exotic festive of Dubai. Continue reading →
Yacht Rent for Wedding

August 24, 2020
It is not necessary to rent a whole hotel complex and invite a huge crowd of people, with a good half of whom you are not even really familiar with to organize a grandiose celebration. Continue reading →
Rent yacht for birthday

August 16, 2020
Sometimes the enthusiastic anticipation of surprises and gifts for the upcoming Birthday is overshadowed by a painful search for a venue. After all, this day should not only bring maximum pleasure, but leave vivid and pleasant memories. We offer you a non-standard solution to such a difficult task — spend this day on board of one of our yachts !  Continue reading →
Dubai Summer on a Yacht

July 23, 2020
Summer is the best time for a break in the noise and bustle of everyday life. The hot summer in Dubai is a good reason to spend your vacation among the azure waters of the Persian Gulf. A relaxing boat trip will give you a coolness and cheer you up.  Continue reading →
Sunrise on board a yacht in Dubai

June 24, 2020
If an active recreation does not attract you at all, or you are thinking about the appropriateness of renting a yacht or a speedboat in Dubai , we have an excellent idea for you. Facing a sunrise and having breakfast right on board the yacht will not leave anyone indifferent.  Continue reading →