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    Experience Dubai iconic sightseeing from a waterside.


    Professional tow boats for excellent wake surfing and wakeboarding in UAE

  • Fishing

    Sport and deep water fishing lovers will deservedly appreciate reliability and performance of our boats.

  • Additional services

    We take care of our guests not only on the water, but also on the ground!

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LSB Collection

The most popular yachts and boats of our fleet:

Rent Azimut 50 Grand Crew yacht in Dubai
Luxury Yacht
Azimut 50 Grand Crew
A 50 feet yacht for rent, capacity: 21 people max.
800 AED
from 700 AED / hour
Rent Azimut 50 Monica yacht in Dubai
Luxury Yacht
Azimut 50 Monica
A 50 feet yacht for rent, capacity: 21 people max.
800 AED
from 750 AED / hour
Rent Azimut 55 Yes!  in Dubai
Luxury Yacht
Azimut 55 Yes!
A 55 feet yacht for rent, capacity: 24 people max.
900 AED
from 800 AED / hour
Rent Azimut 55 White Pearl  in Dubai
Luxury Yacht
Azimut 55 White Pearl
A 55 feet yacht for rent, capacity: 22 people max.
1,000 AED
from 850 AED / hour
Rent Azimut 62 Freedom II yacht in Dubai
Luxury Yacht
Azimut 62 Freedom II
A 62 feet yacht for rent, capacity: 25 people max.
1,250 AED
from 900 AED / hour
Rent Azimut 62 Lucky Star yacht in Dubai
Luxury Yacht
Azimut 62 Lucky Star
A 62 feet yacht for rent, capacity: 29 people max.
1,400 AED
from 1,000 AED / hour
Rent Azimut 68 Princess  in Dubai
Luxury Yacht
Azimut 68 Princess
A 68 feet yacht for rent, capacity: 30 people max.
1,700 AED
from 1,500 AED / hour
Rent Azimut 75 Viktoria  in Dubai
Luxury Yacht
Azimut 75 Viktoria
A 75 feet yacht for rent, capacity: 40 people max.
2,500 AED
from 1,900 AED / hour
Rent Azimut 15m No Regrets yacht in Dubai
Luxury Yacht
Azimut 15m No Regrets
A 15 meters yacht for rent, capacity: 20 people max.
1,200 AED
from 900 AED / hour
Rent Key Largo 30 boat in Dubai
Key Largo 30
A 30 feet yacht for rent, capacity: 8 people max.
600 AED
from 500 AED / hour
Rent Key Largo 27 boat in Dubai
Key Largo 27
A 27 feet yacht for rent, capacity: 6 people max.
500 AED
from 400 AED / hour
Rent Sunseeker 82 yacht in Dubai
Luxury Yacht
Sunseeker 82
A 82 feet yacht for rent, capacity: 40 people max.


LSB Charter propose for your attention the best sea cruises in Dubai. You can use one of our standard cruise programs or request the organization of an individual tour according to your preferences. For standard cruises, we rent Key Largo 30 and Key Largo 27 boats


The cost of LSB Charter standard sea cruises in Dubai

Dubai cruise route Duration Included in price Cost per hour *
Tour of Dubai Marina 30 min free towel rental, complementary drinking water from 200 AED
Dubai Marina and JBR tour 45 min free towel rental, complementary drinking water from 300 AED
Dubai Marina, JBR and Atlantis tour 75 min free towel rental, complementary drinking water from 500 AED
Dubai Marina, JBR and Palm Jumeirah 90 min free towel rental, complementary drinking water from 600 AED
Dubai Marina, JBR, Atlantis and Burj Al Arab tour 120 min free towel rental, complementary drinking water from 800 AED
Swimming tour 4 hours free towel rental, complementary drinking water from 700 AED/hour
Dubai Water Canal Tour 4 hours free towel rental, complementary drinking water from 700 AED/hour
Friday Trip 6-7 hours free towel rental, complementary drinking water from 700 AED/hour

Rent yacht for Cruise in Dubai - Download price list

* If you wish to exceed the standard time of the tour, please, inform our specialists about this when placing an order for a Dubai sea cruise.

Luxury Sea Boats charter in Dubai

For more than 10 years, Luxury Sea Boats Charter has been offering yachts and boats for rent in Dubai from the most famous manufacturers in the world. Over the years, we have formed a team of excellent specialists and have established ourselves as one of the best charter companies in Dubai.

Our fleet consists of boats of various capacities and classes: from luxury yachts for 40 people to compact high-speed motorboats for 6 persons maximum. We can provide any variety of charter: for a holiday or anniversary on board, boat trips in the waters of Dubai, incendiary parties with a swim in the open sea or deep-sea fishing.

LSB Charter has a specialized division for wakeboarding and wake surfing fans – Wake Dubai. Powerful sports tugs of our fleet create the best wave in Dubai. We can offer you equipment for practising wakeboard, wake surf and water skiing when you rent a sports boat, as well as the help of our specialists in the development of water sports.

Our team has developed excellent sightseeing cruises off the coast of Dubai. You get unforgettable impressions and great photos when you go from the pier of Dubai Marina on a sea tour to Burj Al Arab with our crew. You’ll see the human-made Blue Waters Island and Palm Island with the grand Atlantis hotel.

Renting a private yacht in Dubai allows you to enjoy a luxurious sea vacation and marvellous views of the metropolis herewith you needn’t travel in a large group of strangers on board a standard tourist vessel. Moreover, our experienced specialists from LSB Charter are always ready to prepare an individual exclusive route and help to organize your event, whether it is a birthday celebration, a business meeting on a yacht, an engagement or an original date.

We look forward to meeting you aboard any of the LSB Charter yachts!

How to choose the best yacht in Dubai?

It all depends on the purpose for which you plan to rent a yacht or boat in Dubai. If you want to enjoy the fantastic views of the city, travelling through its numerous canals in hot weather, it is better to choose a fast boat with an awning for rent.

A small gliding yacht with a stabilizer is suitable for a leisurely romantic walk in the evening. Not only you can enjoy the sea coolness and beautiful views, but also arrange an excellent dinner for two aboard such vessel.

You can have a cheerful party with friends aboard a yacht or a boat of any size and speed characteristics. All LSB Charter vessels equipped with robust audio systems and the necessary equipment for a carefree holiday. If you plan to frolic in the sea during your party, first of all, it is better to pay your attention to yachts and boats with a bathing platform or a convenient descent into the water. The larger your company is, the wider the platform should be.

But only powerful towing boats are suitable for those who prefer active water sports. Since a pleasure yacht or a simple motorboat is incapable of creating a wave of the desired length, height and shape.

In the fishing season, when fishing is possible near Dubai, it is enough for the angler to rent a compact pleasure boat. The main thing is a gear on board. But if you plan to go deep-sea fishing, and in the company of friends or relatives, it’s better to opt for a fleeting pleasure yacht, equipped with everything necessary for fishing, recreation and cooking aboard.

And of course, a large luxury yacht, slowly gliding along the turquoise surface of the bay is the most convenient to organize severe and solemn events with a buffet table. Such yachts have spacious salons, spacious cabins, comfortable terraces and open spaces sufficient for a large number of guests.

Check out our yacht offers and choose the most suitable boat in size, equipment, functionality and price. LSB Charter offers the most flexible and affordable prices for renting a yacht in Dubai. Plan your vacation with us!

What you should pay attention to when renting a yacht*

  1. Capacity

    You can rent a yacht or boat of various sizes at LSB-charter. When choosing a boat, do not forget to calculate in advance how many guests you are going to invite to sail.

    No more than 6 people can comfortable accommodate aoard a ship up to 27 feet. A 30-foot boat will be convenient for 8 people. A 47-foot pleasure yacht is ready to accommodate up to 14 people. A yacht of at least 55 feet will already be required for a 20-person walk. For 23-25 people will be suitable yachts of 58 and 62 feet respectively. If you are organizing an event with 30-40 guests, you will need a yacht of at least 82 feet.

  2. Functionality

    Planning a vacation on board a yacht, you should decide in advance how long you are going to rest there, and what amenities you need. Will you only enjoy the views and swim? Are you going to do wakeboarding or wakesurfing? Do you want to have a dance party, a buffet table or a full dinner on board the ship? Do you need cabins for relaxation? The choice of yacht for rent depends on the answers to these questions.

  3. Service

    LSB Charter can arrange your delivery to and from the sea harbor. Thanks to the true German quality of the Volkswagen Transporter, the trip will be safe and comfortable. The maximum capacity of the minibus is 8 people.

    To make the cruise as carefree as possible, we are ready to assume the delivery of products and organizing a banquet on board yachts.

    For guests planning fishing, we can provide all the necessary equipment for fishing and preparing the catch on the grill right on board the yacht.

* If you are still having difficulty choosing a yacht for your plans, contact LSB Charter. Our experts will consult you and help you to rent a yacht in Dubai that perfectly suits your wishes and possibilities.

Discover boat trips with LSB Charter

Renting a boat in Dubai is the best, fast and inexpensive way to get acquainted with the sights of the metropolis. LSB-Charter offers excellent walking routes with the best value for money.

All our cruises start from the Dubai Marina — it provides convenient transport access and gives you the opportunity to organize the perfect route for a sea voyage.

For the most demanding guests, the LSB-Charter team is ready to offer exclusive yacht rental in Dubai, taking into account all your wishes!


It’s impossible to have luxury rest on board without a great boat. Only the best motor yachts and boats built in the shipyards of the largest Italian shipbuilders Azimut, Sanlorenzo and Sessa Marine represent our fleet.

The most distinctive features of Azimut vessels are the special environmental friendliness of finishing materials, increased sound insulation, competent organization of deck space and classic interior design. Choosing any Azimut yacht to rent, you can be sure that your vacation will be surrounded by laid-back Italian beauty and comfort of the highest level.

Any Sanlorenzo yacht is an example of high professional shipbuilding and is created on an individual order, according to the priorities and wishes of the customer. Elegant sophistication, perfect balance and excellent driving performance are inherent to absolutely all ships of this manufacturer. Our yacht Sanlorenzo SL82 is designed for the most luxurious cruises in the waters of Dubai.

The name of the largest European shipyard Sessa Marine has long been synonymous with the best motor boats. The models of this brand are distinguished by speed, an ideal layout of the interior space and highly comfort, regardless of the size of the vessel. Any of our Key Largo is the best option for renting a motor boat both for excursions along the canals of Dubai, and for outdoor activities or fishing in the Persian Gulf.

The comfort and safety of our guests are very important to us, so our entire fleet undergoes a mandatory annual inspection and is fully equipped with rescue equipment.

Welcome aboard the LSB Charter!

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