Yacht rent in Dubai

Over 10 years Luxury Sea Boats Charter LLC offer a luxury yacths for rent in Dubai UAE. Our team ready to offer you a yacht of any class, suggest an ideal route or a recreational place for you, and provide you with all the details you want to know about the upcoming cruise.

Yacht rental in Dubai for watersports

Yacht rental for Watersports

Whether you are a beginner or a skilled water sports enthusiast, experience Wakeboarding and waterskiing on our latest Malibu! Professional instructors are on board!

We guarantee an unforgettable fun to all who seek that extra edge. Read more or rent a boat for watersports on the Rent a boat for waterspors page.

Rent a boat for waterspors

Yacht rental in Dubai for fishing

Yacht rental for Fishing

Sport and deep water fishing lovers will deservedly appreciate reliability and performance of our fast-moving and comfortable boats for fishing in Dubai.

A comfortable cabin and tanning areas make you feel relaxed, where you can have a rest after successful fishing. You can rent a boat for fishing on the Rent a boat for fishing page.

Rent a boat for fishing

Yacht rental in Dubai for cruise

Yacht rental for Cruises

Cruise is the best way to explore the city. See all major attractions of Dubai waterfront on one tour: Dubai Marina, JBR, Atlantis, Burj Al Arab tour and even more!

You can rent any yacht and make your own cruise or use one of classic cruises of Dubai. So go ahead! Rent a yacht or book a one of existing cruises.

Rent a yacht in Dubai


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