Magnificent Dubai

November 15, 2018

In the heart of the desert along the coast of the Arabian Gulf located the pearl of the UAE — the incredibly beautiful city of Dubai. The city gives to his guests an indelible impression of the stunning futuristic skyscrapers, man-made islands in the coastal waters and boat trips through the many canals of the metropolis. 

Dizzy Dubai will delight you with the most luxurious hotels and an excellent level of service. You will feel yourself as if you are in a modern Arabian fairy tale, where, next to the luxury and wealth of the Arab Sheiks, the most advanced technological achievements of human civilization.

Magnificent Dubai

Enjoying the panoramic view of one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world of course better from the observation desks of the tallest skyscraper in the world - Burj Khalifa. The height of this fantastic building, resembling a stalagmite, is 828 meters.

Urbanistic Landscapes of the XXI Century

Get acquainted with the most impressive buildings, arrange a grand shopping or just walk, enjoying the magnificent views of course the best choice is Dubai Marina — the most fashionable and ultramodern district of Dubai. Here are concentrated shopping malls and entertainment centers, prestigious restaurants and cozy cafes, along which runs the famous promenade The Marina Walk. Cruise yachts and boats moor in a winding man-made canal that divides the area into 2 parts.

Dubai Marina

Near the marina berths, there is a huge number of companies offering yacht or boat for rent and you can take a slow trip through the canal.

Residential skyscrapers, stately buildings of hotels, business and shopping centres rise above the comfortable embankment of Dubai Marina. Standing at their base you can feel all the grandeur and power of unique structures, but to if you want to fully feel the beauty and harmony of the surrounding architecture better to rent a yacht or a boat for at least an hour to go out into the open waters of the Gulf and admire all this magnificence from the outside.

Dubai Marina

The New Wonders of the World

Take a trip on a yacht in the Gulf across Dubai is worth it in order to see with your own eyes at least the Palm Jumeirah — an artificial archipelago created by the genius engineers in the shape of date palm. Palm islands are made of sand raised from the bottom of the Persian Gulf and surrounded by an artificial barrier reef. Hotels, marinas, helipads, shopping centres, luxury real estate and many, many more are located on them.

Atlantis Cruise

The real pearl of Palm Jumeirah delightful five-star hotel Atlantis.

Regardless of whether you choose for a cruise around the Persian Gulf: a luxurious yacht full of crew members or a small boat with one captain on board, any charter company will surely offer you a trip to the legendary “Sail”, the most status hotel in Dubai — Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.

Burj Al Arab Cruise

The unique silhouette of Burj Al Arab made it one of the most famous landmarks of the United Arab Emirates and one of the most original hotel in the world. The building was built on an artificial island and was made in the shape of a Dhow sail — a traditional Arab boat.

It should be noted that wonderful Dubai is not going to stop developing rapidly and fancifully changing its appearance, so each new visit to this magnificent city can surprise even the most sophisticated guest.

Arabian Classics

To learn more about the history of the city and fully appreciate the metamorphosis that occurred in Dubai, you should visit the oldest district of the city — Bastakiya and visit the Dubai Museum in Al Fahidi Fort. The exhibits and the entire expositions of the historical museum perfectly recreate the unique life of the indigenous people before the discovery of oil in this area.

Dubai Museum in Al Fahidi Fort

As recently as the middle of XX century, in these narrow winding streets lived traders and pearl divers in the traditional clay houses.

Even though modern Dubai is a cosmopolitan and liberal metropolis, the traditions of ancient Arab culture and religion are the dominant basis of its daily life. Residents of Dubai continue to preserve and develop for centuries the established rites and strict norms of Islamic behaviour.

The city has a great many mosques. Among them, it is worth mentioning the Jumeirah Mosque. This Muslim shrine is unique it is the active centre of the spiritual life of Dubai, a remarkable example of the classical religious architecture of the Middle East, and at the same time, the mosque is open to visitors with a different religions.

Classical religious architecture of the Middle East

Employees of the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Cooperation organize tours of the mosque, during which they try to explain the traditions and features of Islam to visitors.

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