Sunday May 5 – Tuesday June 4
April 22, 2019

Ramadan comes in the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. It is the period from May 5 to June 4 in 2019. Ramadan is the holy month of spiritual purification, reflection and prayer for all Muslims all over the world. 

Ramadan in Dubai 1


The devoted Muslims abstain from bad habits and entertainment throughout the month. They’re allowed to eat and drink water only twice a night. Sufur is predawn meal, which is best to be finished an hour before sunrise. Iftar begins after sunset and evening prayer and it is the end of the day fast.

Ramadan in Dubai 2

The UAE is an Islamic state and adheres to the traditions of Sharia. Most establishments in Dubai work according to fasting. Through the whole day peace and quiet reign in the city during Ramadan. But all restaurants and cafes are overcrowded after night falls. Night is the time of traditional cultural events and celebrations in honor of the holy month.

A visit to Dubai during Ramadan is an ideal opportunity to get to know and understand the beauty of the age-old customs of the Arab world. Observance of a certain etiquette will help you to make your holiday in Dubai really unforgettable. In order not to spoil the journey and to show respect for the local culture and traditions, guests of the country should pay attention to the rules adopted during the Ramadan period.


To congratulate on the beginning of the month of Ramadan
The traditional greeting in Ramadan is Ramadan Kareem or Ramadan Mubarak.

To accept an invitation to Iftar
This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself into the friendly atmosphere of national traditions.

To show respect and understanding
Do not disturb the faithful Muslim from fasting and prayer. If you practice a different religion, but wish to enter the mosque, then you need to ask for permission.

To keep the dress code
In Dubai they are very tolerate to the habits and style of clothing of the guests of the country. However, it is better not to wear tight clothing or clothing that opens the shoulders and knees while walking around the city.

To check the work hours of institutions
Some institutions have been working on a shorter schedule for the whole month so that employees during Ramadan can devote more time to their family and prayers.


To eat, to chew gum, to drink water or to smoke in public
It is not necessary to keep fasting with Muslims. But you should eat and drink during the daytime Ramadan only in special dining areas, away from the public eyes of fastings.

To demonstrate intimate relationships in public places
No cuddling or kissing in front of Muslims

To be publicly intoxicated
Being intoxicated publicly and attracting the attention of others is a serious crime for the UAE

To play music loudly
Music is prohibited during Ramadan, so you should always use headphones.

To ignore the rules of conduct
Demonstrative violation of the basic etiquette rules during the Ramada can lead to arrest, fines and even deportation from the country.

Though the Muslim laws are rather strict, Dubai is a multinational tourist city, in which people of other religions and people who come here for recreation and entertainment are accepted with understanding and love. Everything possible is done to make the guests of the country practically not to feel any restrictions during the Holy Month.

Hotels and most restaurants have special conditions for serving non-fasting visitors throughout the day. There are some shops where you can buy food, drinks and alcohol all day long.


The absence of secular entertainment during the Holy Month is more than compensated for by a perfectly organised and comfortable beach holiday. The majority of water parks continue working. Some of them even reduce the cost of children's tickets for the time of Ramadan.

Renting yachts companies compete to attract clients by very profitable promotions and holiday cruise deals. At this time, you can rent a boat at a big discount and arrange yourself an exclusive walk through the canals of Dubai. Festively decorated streets of the city will give you an unforgettable impression, especially after sunset.

Ramadan in Dubai 3

The weather in May is quite hot, but the water in the Persian Gulf is already warming up for swimming by this time. This is the perfect time for a boat trip with the opportunity to bath in the open waters of the bay. It is strongly recommended to choose carefully a renting yacht with an experienced captain and sailors to make your cruise comfortable and as safe as possible.

During the Ramadan period, night fairs open throughout the city, where you can find wonderful souvenirs and decorations. The beautifully decorated shopping centers work until late evening and arrange thematic programs and performances for their visitors. There are sales and promotions everywhere with very high discounts on the most popular gifts from the first to the last day of the feast.