November 18, 2019

Relaxing on a yacht is one of the most enjoyable activities invented by people. There is nothing easier in Dubai than to rent a yacht and go on a boat trip or a real sea voyage. After all, this wonderful city has ancient traditions of navigation and a developed marine recreation industry.

The history of Dubai goes back to in an extreme antiquity. Already in the 5th century A.D. the inhabitants of this territory were engaged in the construction of pearl mining, trade and fishing boats. At that time these ships were small-sized single-masted wooden sailboats. Until now, traditional Dhow boats ply through the canals and water areas of the city, as an essential part of the country's history.

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From time immemorial, the Arab dhows have been made manually, without using standard drawings. Each of them has impressed with its individuality and beauty. The stern has been decorated with original carvings, which has reflected the status of the boat owner in society. Now the most ancient representatives of traditional dhows can be found only in Dubai Heritage Village or the Maritime Museum.

Modern models are still created using old technologies from wood, but now they are equipped with motors and are more like cruise ships. By the way, the rental of such boats is very popular among guests of Dubai who want to enjoy the unique flavor of the Arabian culture fully. A standard Dhow cruise on the Dubai Creek lasts about two hours.

Rent Traditions in Dubai

In the second half of the 19th century, pearl mining was still the main source of income of the emirate, but the city has already become one of the most important ports on the Persian Gulf coast. Merchant ships from all over the world began to attend the port.

By the beginning of the XXI century, the industry of marine recreation and yachting has developed more and more actively in Dubai. The Emirate’s got the title of one of the sea capitals of the world and has become a pole of attraction for super-yachts. In our day manufacturers of the most well-known brands in this field take part in specialized exhibitions. Many of them invest in the construction of their shipyards in the region.

Today, Dubai is able to offer an excellent coastal infrastructure and related super-class services to yachtsmen. Many sports celebrities, movie stars and powerful businessmen note that the best conditions for yachting are created here. The annual motor yacht race attracts a huge number of participants and spectators from around the world.

Such a rapid development of the industry and international popularity have led to the fact that such luxurious entertainment as a yacht trip in Dubai has become available to everyone. Here, experts are ready to provide you with a boat rental for every taste and opportunity. The choice is almost unlimited.

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At the numerous berths of the city you can find everything for yourself: a super-yacht, a luxury motor or sailing yacht, a catamaran, a high-speed pleasure boat and a powerful sports towing vehicle. It is noteworthy that no matter what type of yacht you prefer, the cost of renting it in Dubai and the quality of related services will pleasantly surprise you.

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If you want to go out on the high seas and experience the classic traditions of renting boats in Dubai, try contacting Luxury Sea Boats Charter. Our experts will do everything possible and even more to make your boat trip exciting and unforgettable.