August 14, 2019
Dubai Yacht Rental Calendar

Sometimes people joke, there are only two seasons in the UAE — it's hot and it’s very hot! The tropical desert climate of Dubai is ideally combined with the location of the city on the Persian Gulf. This is an excellent place for any kind of water recreation at any time of the year.  

Weather in Dubai for yacht rental


Summer weather in Dubai

The exhausting summer in Dubai begins in May and lasts until the beginning of autumn. In the hottest months, the air over the city is so hot that it doesn’t seem to be a pleasant experience to walk along beautiful Dubai streets, go sightseeing or desert safaris. During this period, a compact speed boat is the best for a comfortable outdoor staying.

Hiding from the scorching sun under the boat sunshade it’s really great to have a joy ride along the winding chanals looping along the main attractions of Dubai. Or blown by the sea breeze it will be a good idea to rush along the waters of the megalopolis to man-made islands and fashionable hotels.

At any time the calm coastal waters of the Persian Gulf are ideal for the waves created by powerful boats-tugs. But in the hot months, it would be better for outdoor enthusiasts to rent a boat in Dubai with equipment only at dawn or closer to sunset.


Autumn weather in Dubai

By mid-October, the water in the bay is still very warm, but the air temperature gradually decreases and becomes more comfortable both for a beach holiday and for short evening walks around the city. Luxurious large and leisurely yachts are perfect for sightseeing sea tours now.

At this time of the year, it’ll be a great idea to combine a sightseeing cruise with a swimming in the open waters of the Persian Gulf. It’s not a secret that individual yacht rental in Dubai is possible for every taste and at any time you want. To do this, just walk along moorings of a promenade of the Dubai Marina Walk and choose the boat you like.

The fishing season begins in Dubai in late autumn. However, the water in the coastal zone is still not cool enough for fish in November. That’s why, fishing enthusiasts should go to deep sea fishing far away from the coast.


Winter weather in Dubai

Winter in Dubai is perhaps the most magnificent season for any type of water recreation. Sea fishing is so rich and various that it will impress even one who has never fished. The temperature of water and air reaches the optimal balance for all active water sports throughout the day.

In the evenings, embankments and coastal streets are filled with so many guests and residents of the city that you most likely will prefer to relax only in the company of your nearest. In this case, you can always rent a boat or yacht not only for a pleasant walk along the canals of Dubai, but also for a private dinner in the open air.

Emirate's New Year's fireworks have already become a legend. The only way to see most of them at the same time and capture the magnificent night panorama of the festive city is to rent a yacht in Dubai and enter the water area outside the city.


Spring weather in Dubai

The early spring in Dubai has practically no difference from autumn. Though it’s rather short, it is another ideal period for a beach holiday, boat trips for every taste and incendiary parties on the high seas. The choice of rented yacht for the event you planned during this period is completely unlimited.

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